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http://aiconica.net/ ( https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/)




In cases where Buyer & Consignee are different, there respective duties & obligations are mentioned below.

When both are same Consignee will have ALL the duties & obligations mentioned below for both (BUYER & CONSIGNEE).

1. The Buyer undertakes to buy from Seller the goods mentioned on proforma invoice hereinafter called the 'GOODS'.

Seller will sell the goods to buyer, (Deliver the GOODS to CONSIGNEE, in case of third party CONSIGNEE) from own business set-up mentioned above.

2. Terms of Delivery:- Either of below 3 options, MENTIONED ON PROFORMA INVOICE.


Seller’s responsibility:- Transport the goods to the PORT-OF-LOADING, undertake the “EXPORT Custom Clearance” & hand over the goods to BUYER’S / CONSIGNEE’S freight-forwarder / freight agent. This said Freight Forwarder / Freight Agent has a duty to send the Bill of Lading & customs shipping bill & other necessary documents to the SELLER.

Consignee’s responsibility:- Managing & paying for Freight to PORT-OF-DISCHARGE, Insurance, “Import Custom Clearance” at PORT-OF-DISCHARGE, duties, taxes, government fees, & all inland logistics thereafter.

b. C&F - COST & FREIGHT :–

Seller’s responsibility:- Transport the goods to the PORT-OF-DISCHARGE.

Consignee’s responsibility:- Managing & paying for Insurance, “Import Custom Clearance” at PORT-OF-DISCHARGE, Duties, Taxes, Government fees, & all inland logistics thereafter.


Seller’s responsibility:- Transport the goods to the PORT-OF-DISCHARGE & Insurance of the GOODS.

Consignee’s responsibility:- Managing & paying for “Import Custom Clearance” at PORT-OF-DISCHARGE, Duties, Taxes, Government fees, & all inland logistics thereafter.

3. After the shipment of the said goods the seller shall send all the necessary documents such as the Insurance policy, invoice, bills of lading, etc., to Buyer to enable him to get the goods cleared at the PORT-OF-DISCHARGE. Delivery of the documents shall constitute the delivery of goods and henceforth the goods shall be at the risk of the Buyer.

4. It shall be the responsibility of the BUYER to make payment to Seller As per the SCHEDULE OF PAYMENTS mentioned in PROFORMA INVOICE.

5. All Import formalities, regulatory formalities, statutory certifications, mandatory activities in the Importer’s country are to be completed prior to the import of the aforesaid GOODS at the PORT-OF-DISCHARGE or in connection with the clearance of imported GOODS at the PORT-OF-DISCHARGE; the same shall be completed by the BUYER/CONSIGNEE or their designated representative at their own costs.

6. All disputes arising from or in connection to this present contract shall be finally settled by arbitration to be administered by the International and Domestic Arbitration Centre, India (IDAC India) situated at 1008, Ocean, Sarabhai Road, Near Genda Circle, Vadodara – 390023, Gujarat, India in accordance with the IDAC India Rules for the time being in force, without recourse to the ordinary courts of law. The Tribunal shall consist of one/three arbitrator/s and shall be seated at Vadodara or any other place mutually decided by parties. The language of the arbitration shall be English. The substantive law applicable to the dispute is Indian Law.


“Email acceptance” or “shipment of goods” or “remittance of payment”; whichever event happens first, will be considered as acceptance of agreement.